Eric Wins “Best All-Around Musician 2019” in Savannah, GA

14536481_10210101962893216_1418404407_oEric has been voted as ‘Best All-Around Musician’ in Connect Savannah’s ‘Best Of Savannah 2019’ reader vote. Thank you for your votes!

For the past 23 years, Eric has dominated this category in Connect Savannah. Here are some excerpts from past articles for Eric winning this category (with links to the full articles):

“Bluesman Eric Culberson has been taking home the Best All-Around Musician reward for so many years we can barely count. But what’s it truly mean to be a great all-around musician, anyway? The category’s been around for far longer than this writer has been a Connect employee, but I’d say the rubric should be something like this: they’re a technically proficient player with a tireless work ethic, DIY know-how, and an engaging stage presence, possessing a versatility that allows them to perform with a variety of musicians regardless of genre. A great all-around musician also has a humble, friendly demeanor, allowing for genuine engagement with audiences.
That’s Eric Culberson, people. The guitarist and vocalist can light up The Warehouse on River Street or a concert hall in the big city and thrill and connect with both crowds.” – Connect Savannah, 2017
“All around town, up and down the East Coast from D.C. to Key West, you can catch hometown hero Eric Culberson playing his heart and his six-string out. A standout performance from the fiery guitarist came in the form of October’s Blues Trinity show as Culberson, Ray Lundy, and many more paid tribute to the music of Albert, Freddie, and B.B. King.” – Connect Savannah, 2016
“King of the Savannah electric guitar for more than two decades, bluesmaster Culberson — you might remember him from the days he called himself EROK — has dominated this category for more years than we can remember.” – Connect Savannah, 2013
“Savannah’s longtime guitar hero, who’s won in both these categories [Best All-Around Musician & Best Local Blues Artist] since any of us can remember, continues to pack ‘em in from Tybee to the Talmadge.” – Connect Savannah 2012
*This was the last year Connect had a vote for Best Local Blues Artist category. Eric won in this category for almost two consecutive decades.
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